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Low pH

(Acidic Water)


When your water has low pH, also known as acidic water, it can cause many problems. These range from damaging your plumbing and appliances to making your water taste bad and leaving blue-green stains on pipes and fixtures. It’s important to recognize these signs and know how to solve the problem.

What is pH?

graphic showing the range of water pH from acidic to alkaline

So, what is pH? pH measures how alkaline or acidic water is. It’s crucial for water quality, affecting its taste, safety, and how it affects your home’s plumbing and appliances.

Having a balanced pH level is key for your health, preventing corrosion, and making sure your water is good for daily use. Typically, a pH level between 7 and 8 is considered healthy for your water system.

Signs of low pH (acidic) water

Corrosion or pipe damage
If your water has a low pH, it can damage your pipes. You might see blue-green buildup around fittings, which could lead to leaks and hidden water damage in your walls. Plus, if you have copper plumbing or lead fixtures, there’s a risk of lead and copper getting into your water.

plumbing shut off valve showing blue-green build-up on pipes

If you notice blue-green stains around fixtures or on your laundry, that’s a clear sign of acidic water. While you can scrub it off in the short term, it’s essential to fix the underlying acidity to prevent more damage.


Acidic water can give a metallic taste or odor to your drinking water, affecting not only consumption but also activities like showering, cooking, and dental hygiene.

Therefore, removing these unpleasant qualities requires treating the underlying acidity of the water.


The Right Solution Starts with an Accurate Test

To effectively fix acidic water and its related issues, it’s imperative to begin with a professional water test. U.S. Water offers comprehensive well water testing services through ourWisconsin state-certified water testing lab. With our onsite facility, you can expect accurate results and a quick turnaround time.

Our range of certified water tests and well inspection services ensures thorough analysis and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Don’t wait until the effects of acidic water become apparent; take proactive steps to safeguard your water quality and the integrity of your home’s water supply today.

Easily correct & maintain perfect pH
Our Corrosion Shield system balances pH, enhances taste. It will safeguard your plumbing against damage from acidic water without the use of salt or chemicals.


Rent our equipment hassle-free!

Our rental options cover all equipment, offering a trouble-free maintenance agreement plus consumables for your convenience.