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Eliminate Iron with Rust Shield

Are you tired of dealing with embarrassing rust-colored stains, foul odors, and metallic tastes in your water?

Say goodbye to rusty water with Rust Shield, the innovative iron filter system from U.S. Water designed to effectively eliminate iron and manganese from your well water.

The Problem: Iron and Manganese Contamination

Iron and manganese are typically harmless in low levels. However, at higher levels, they can affect your water quality, causing reddish-brown stains and unpleasant tastes. If left untreated, they can also lead to costly damage to your pipes and appliances. In addition, iron bacteria can form, causing unpleasant odors, slimy residue, and potential health risks. This results in an unpleasant sulfur (rotten egg) smell in your water.

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that iron levels in drinking water should not be more than 0.3 mg/L. This amount of iron is safe for your health. Therefore, if you use a private well, it’s important to test your water regularly to ensure it meets these guidelines.

Although iron does not pose a serious health threat, it is regulated under “secondary standards.” These standards focus on contaminants that can cause cosmetic issues, like skin or tooth discoloration, and aesthetic problems, such as bad taste, odor, or color in your water.

In other words, while there’s no specific legal limit for iron in water, high levels can make your water look dirty, taste unpleasant, and stain your plumbing fixtures, porcelain, and laundry. Regular testing and maintenance can help you avoid these issues.

Rust Shield: The Best Iron Filter for Well Water

Rust Shield is your comprehensive solution for tackling iron, manganese, and iron bacteria contamination. Our advanced peroxide treatment system not only treats iron and manganese but also stops the growth of iron bacteria, eliminating sulfur or “rotten egg” smells in your water.

How Rust Shield Removes Iron from Water

Oxidation: First Rust Shield adds a precise amount of hydrogen peroxide to your water. This causes a chemical reaction that changes dissolved iron and manganese into solid particles.

Filtration: Finally, these solids are removed from your water by our state-of-the-art filtration system, leaving you with clean, clear water that’s free from rust-colored water, odors, and off-flavors.

Experience the Difference with Rust Shield

Say goodbye to the headaches of iron and manganese contamination and hello to clean, great-tasting water with Rust Shield. Learn more about how our innovative peroxide treatment system can transform your water quality and enhance your daily life.

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Rust Shield seamlessly integrates with your existing water treatment system, delivering unparalleled rust protection.

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