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Uranium Shield

Uranium Shield is your whole-home defense against groundwater uranium


You cannot taste, see, or smell it, but uranium contamination poses a health risk to all ages

Uranium is a naturally occurring heavy metal that can be found in rocks, soils, and groundwater. When water flows through rocks and soils containing natural uranium, some of this uranium dissolves, leading to higher levels of uranium in the water. The amount of uranium in bedrock and well water will vary greatly from place to place.

Health risks of uranium contamination

Uranium is a radioactive element. Uranium in drinking water can cause damage to the kidneys over time.  Testing and treating your water is the only way to eliminate uranium from tap water. The Wisconsin Department of Resources (WDNR) recommends private well users test for uranium annually using a Wisconsin certified lab.

Introducing Uranium Shield™ from U.S. Water

Uranium Shield is the cutting-edge treatment technology from U.S. Water that will stop uranium before it ever enters your home’s water system. Unlike “under-the-sink” systems, Uranium Shield is a robust “whole home” system that works together with your water softening system to remove uranium system-wide.
      • Uses industry-leading Uranium removal media to thoroughly and consistently remove uranium from your water
      • The system can easily be scaled to the amount of uranium contained in the water. It is suitable for both residential and commercial needs. Our systems can accommodate a flow rate from 7-40 gallons per minute (GPM).
      • State of Wisconsin approved

How does Uranium Shield work?

Uranium Shield is a highly effective point-of-entry system, which uses a special strong base resin which can capture the uranium. This system works just like a regular water softener, except instead of removing calcium hardness, the anion exchange method removes uranium ions and usually achieves better than 98% reduction. This ensures clean, safe water for you and your family.

Rent our equipment maintenance-free! 

Our rental options cover all equipment, a trouble-free maintenance agreement, plus all filter media for the rental term.

Water Quality Criteria

pH Between 0 and 14 SU
Sulfate< 50 mg/L
Chloride< 100 mg/L
Manganese<0.3 ppm
HardnessWater must be softened
Phosphate (PO4)< .150 ppm
Hydrogen SulfideNon Detectable


Choose Clean, Safe Water with Uranium Shield

At U.S. Water, we are committed to delivering innovative water solutions that combat uranium contamination and guarantee access to clean, safe drinking water. 

Contact us to learn more or schedule an onsite test.

U.S. Water headquarters in Weston, Wisconsin

At U.S. Water, we are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our Wisconsin state-certified laboratory ensures timely and accurate water testing.