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Water Treatment Rental Systems

The worry-free way to quality water solutions

Welcome to U.S. Water, your trusted source for water treatment rental systems. We are here to support you throughout your water quality journey, from testing to finding the right treatment solutions for your needs.

Our rental systems include a wide range of options to meet your specific water treatment needs. With us, you don’t just get a unit—you gain a partner in your water treatment journey.

Complete Service and Support

When you choose U.S. Water for your water treatment rental systems, you’re not just renting water treatment equipment. We take care of everything you need for the best water quality. This includes supplying water softener pellets, filters, and providing professional maintenance for all rental units.

Ongoing Care and Maintenance

Our team doesn’t disappear after the contract is signed. We stay with you every step of the way, offering regular maintenance and support to keep your water treatment system running smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re always just a phone call away, right here in Wisconsin.

Renting Water Treatment Systems:
The Easy Choice

By renting a water treatment system, you can enjoy cleaner, safer water without the hassle of purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment. Our rental units are regularly serviced and supplied with everything they need to operate efficiently.

Water Treatment Units Available for Rent

  1. Water Softeners: Our water softeners effectively reduce hardness minerals, providing you with softer water and protecting your plumbing and appliances.

  2. Reverse Osmosis Systems: Get highly purified drinking water with our reverse osmosis systems that remove a wide range of contaminants.

  3. Whole House Filtration Systems: Enjoy clean water from every tap with our whole house filtration systems, designed to remove impurities and contaminants throughout your home. This includes our NEW PFAS SHIELD system for removing PFAS from your entire home’s water system.

  4. UV Water Disinfection Systems: Our UV water disinfection systems use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses, offering an extra layer of protection for your water supply.

  5. Iron and Manganese Filter: Remove iron, manganese, and other minerals from your water with our specialized filters, preventing staining and improving taste.

  6. pH Balancing Systems: Balance your water’s pH levels to protect your pipes and fixtures and improve the overall quality of your water.

Whether you need a water softener, a filtration system, or any other water treatment rental system, U.S. Water is here to help you achieve your water quality goals. Contact us today to learn more about our rental options and how we can support your water quality journey. We’re here in Wisconsin, ready to assist you!

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U.S. Water provides a wide range of water testing and treatment services, as well as well & septic inspection and plumbing repairs.


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See what others are saying

Jean Drinkwine
Jean Drinkwine
US Water was amazing to work with. They came out for initial inspection, sent out invoice for repairs and completed them in timely manner! I thought service and customer service was excellent. They even helped us with paperwork for water filtration system for our new house through the DNR. Customer service was exceptional!!
Michael Sorenson
Michael Sorenson
I worked for this Company in 2006 ,they are a great company as they are now always prompt and courteous.
Gregory Conner
Gregory Conner
U.S. Water does high quality work. They were on time and did not leave a mess when finished. I worked with Kevin who was very understanding to my needs and situation. Kevin worked with me and we got my water issues all cared for with a Softener and Backwashing Filter. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing water tested and treated.
Mike Poitras
Mike Poitras
I got an RO system from US Water back in April. I can't believe the difference. I used to clean my coffee pot every one or two weeks because of the scale deposits. I haven't had to clean it since my RO system was installed. My drinking water is fantastic and it's always at hand. I have been so impressed I just purchased a system for my mother and one for my mother-in-law.
Glenna Schumann
Glenna Schumann
I use US Water to do real estate well, water and septic inspections..they are always prompt and thorough. And they do some repair work as well if needed. Helps the transaction move quickly. thank you
Been using U S Water for several years. They are always right on time for appointments and their technicians are professional and always have answers to our questions. I would highly recommend them.