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Get Your Water Testing Kit for an Accurate Analysis Today

Unlock the Power of Precision Water Testing with U.S. Water

For over two decades, U.S. Water has been the trusted partner for Wisconsin residents, businesses, factories, and farms, dedicated to resolving water challenges. Our commitment extends to investing in cutting-edge technology, ensuring highly accurate measurements of environmental and metallic pollutants listed below. We’re not just about water testing; we’re about solving problems.

What Sets Us Apart

      • Accurate Measurements: Our cutting-edge technology ensures precise measurement of environmental and metallic pollutants/contaminants, allowing for tailored solutions.
      • Passion for Problem Solving: We are driven by a passion for fixing problem water. Let us help you find expert solutions for any water challenges you may be facing.
      • Public Water System Support: Public water system operators can conveniently request sample bottles for their required DNR sampling. We streamline the process to ensure compliance effortlessly.

How to Choose the Right Test

Wondering which test is right for you? Visit our “Guide to Common Water Problems”to gain insights into the substances or contaminants that may impact your tap water. Look out for observable “symptoms” like staining, smell, taste, or local activity that could affect your well water.

Alternatively, call U.S. Water for a free consultation with one of our water experts. Discover the precision of water testing tailored to your unique needs.

Important Note About Bacterial, Nitrate, & Nitrite Samples

Bacteria & Nitrate/Nitrite samples have short hold times and must be returned to the lab via next-day delivery, as the water testing kit package insert will explain.

Please do NOTship on Friday for Saturday delivery as the lab does not receive samples on the weekend.

Samples received outside of their hold times will be rejected.

    • Bacteria (30 Hours)
    • Nitrate/Nitrite (48 Hours)

Submitting the Sample

You can drop it off at our front desk,8am to 5pm, Monday – Friday,or ship it back to us:

U.S. Water
6905 Venture Circle, Weston, WI 54476

What Comes with My Water Testing Kit?

Your water testing kit will have sample bottles packed specifically for the type of water test you selected. Each bottle provided will be tested in our in-house, DNR and CDC ELITE certified Laboratory for the specific tests requested.

Please follow the sampling instructions on the back of the sample paperwork and be mindful of the instructions regarding chain of custody. If you happen to lose your sampling instructions, or would rather use a digital copy, pleaseclick here.