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The Softness You Can Feel with

Premium Water Softeners Near Mosinee, WI

woman enjoying softness of laundered towels

Enjoy quality water and reduce costly plumbing damage caused by mineral build-up with a water softener near Mosinee from U.S. Water. Our top-quality designs deliver low-maintenance softeners that are simple to enjoy and easy to maintain.

Our full line of water softeners provides luxurious, soft water for smoother skin, softer hair, and increased lather. You’ll also enjoy spot-free dishes, brighter laundry, and longer-lasting appliances. Our double-tank solution ensures you never need to wait for system recycling.

Benefits of a Water Softener

Protects Your Home

Treat your home’s hard water to help protect and extend the life of your plumbing and water-using appliances. Our water softeners effectively eliminate mineral build-up, preserving your plumbing and keeping your home water running well.

Saves You Money

An efficient brine tank uses less salt, which lowers maintenance costs and keeps your system running smoothly and for less cost.

Enjoy Your Water

Eliminate hard water spots from dishes and sinks, use less soap with more lather, and enjoy softer laundry with a water softener near Marshfield. Our systems make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Styles to Fit Your Life


Ultimate Twin Softener

Our best-selling unit! The twin tanks allow the unit to soften water while performing a cleaning cycle, ensuring non-stop soft water. This system provides maximum efficiency and convenience for your home.


Ultimate Single Softener

Experience softer laundry, cleaner dishes, and kinder plumbing with our Ultimate Single Softener. It’s an energy-efficient solution that fits your budget and lifestyle.


Rental Option Available

Rent our water softener units for an affordable, hassle-free way to get the best water softening. Enjoy top-quality water with low upfront costs and no maintenance worries.

What is a hard water?

Hard water means the water has a lot of dissolved minerals in it. Hard water can cause:

  • Limescale build-up and stains on plumbing fixtures
  • Less soap suds
  • Rough, dingy laundry
  • Reduced efficiency and shorter lifespan for water heaters and other water-related equipment

Additionally, your pots and pans, dishwasher, refrigerator water dispenser, and even your coffeemaker can wear out and need replacement sooner.

diagram showing how a water softener works

What does a water softener do?

A water softener is a device that removes hard minerals from water using a process called ion exchange. This process replaces hard minerals with a small amount of sodium. Any leftover sodium is easily flushed out when you use the water.

The amount of salt used to soften water has little effect on a person’s daily salt intake.

hands holding water softener salt pellets

Do I need a water softener?

Not all homes need a water softener. Some well water is naturally soft. If you have soft water, but you are still having problems with your water quality, you may need a different solution.

Water softeners play a different role than water filters. They specifically target calcium and magnesium, the minerals that cause water hardness.

It’s important to understand that a water softener has a different purpose than a water filter. While a water softener removes these specific minerals, it doesn’t purify the water completely.

A water softener keeps the original taste and basic properties of your untreated water but with reduced mineral content.

If you notice odors, stains, or other water issues, you should have your water tested byacertified test lab.

Knowing the difference between water softeners and water filters will help you choose the right systems for your water treatment needs.

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Maintenance Plan

Ensure peak performance for all your water systems with our complete maintenance program. From routine check-ups to expert service, we will keep your water solutions running smoothly. In addition, we will make sure you always have enough salt pellets on hand.

Salt Delivery

Enjoy convenience and quality with our water softener salt delivery service. Get your salt supplies replenished effortlessly, ensuring your water softener works at its best for consistently softened water.

Water Filtration

Improve your water quality with our advanced water filtration systems. Remove impurities and enhance taste with our range of filtration solutions for cleaner, fresher water, all alongside our trusted water softening products.

Why choose U.S. Water?

From basic solutions to custom-made water softening systems, big or small, one-faucet to whole-home RO & filtration, we’ve got you covered, providing top quality water softeners near Mosinee, WI.

We only useProSoftwater softener salt as well as providewater softener salt deliveryservice.