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Treating PFAS in Wisconsin’s Drinking Water

What can I do about
PFASin my drinking water?

Treating PFAS Contamination in Water

At U.S. Water, we offer a wide range of home water filtration solutions to suit your specific needs:

Whole-House Filtration:Install a comprehensive system that filters all the water entering your home. Say goodbye to contaminants in your drinking water, bathing water, and even the water you use for laundry and dishes.

Under-Sink Filtration:Enjoy purified water directly from your kitchen faucet. Our under-sink systems are convenient, space-saving, and highly effective.

Defending Your Water:Comprehensive PFAS Water Testing and Treatment Solutions

Given the intricate nature of PFAS testing requiring specialized instruments and methods, the cost for testing is higher than for most other contaminants. Collecting the water sample demands careful adherence to detailed instructions and the use of specialized containers provided by the laboratory.

Combatting PFAS with Home Treatment Systems

Numerous water treatment devices effectively purge PFAS from water sources. Since consuming water is the primary source of PFAS exposure, installing small point-of-use (POU) treatment systems on a single faucet can significantly diminish PFAS intake. These systems—such as reverse osmosis (RO) and granular carbon filtration (GAC)—prove to be efficient solutions.

For broader protection, larger point-of-entry (POE) water treatment systems serve the entire household’s water supply. These encompass anion exchange units (similar to water softeners), larger GAC filters, or whole-house RO units.

Water Filtration Solutions:

4 stage reverse osmosis filter system

Reverse Osmosis

For a cost-effective, under-the-sink treatment system, reverse osmosis systems are highly effective in filtering outPFAS and a wide variety of other contaminants.

twin tanks of pfas shield treatment system with U.S. Water logo on blank background

PFAS Shield

U.S. Water’s exclusive PFAS Shield whole-home filtration is a highly effective PFAS removal system that is scalable to meet the needs of any home or business.

FAQs on PFAS Testing

DIY test strips DO NOT accurately detect PFAS. Specialized equipment is necessary for precise detection due to the chemicals’ sensitivity.

In addition, some substances in water can interfere with PFAS detection.

While at-home sample kits are available, the accuracy of these may vary widely depending on the sample collecting circumstances and other substances in your water.

For the most reliable results, utilize a state-certified laboratory using EPA-approved testing methods. Certified labs remain the gold standard for accurate PFAS level assessment in drinking water.

Be sure to flush pipes before sampling in order to remove stagnant water.

Avoid overfilling containers.

Use clean, uncontaminated containers provided by the testing company to prevent any alterations in results.