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Grant Program Provides Funds to Treat Contaminated Wells

American Rescue Plan Act Funds Available to Eligible Wisconsin Residents & Businesses

If you are among the many Wisconsinites struggling with private well contamination, you may be eligible for a grant. 

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) now offers a Well Compensation Grant Program. This program provides funds to eligible landowners, renters, or Wisconsin business owners to replace or treat contaminated wells. The program aims to improve access to clean drinking water across the state.

Eligible Wisconsin residents and businesses can use the grant funds to treat contaminated wells that contain Nitrate, Arsenic, Fecal Bacteria, PFAS, arsenic, and more

The program will pay for 100% of up to $16,000 in eligible costs. However, these funds are only provided for a limited time.

To qualify, the applicant must meet income eligibility. In addition, a certified laboratory must perform the water test.

What type of well contamination qualifies for the grant program?

According to the Wisconsin DNR, qualifying wells must contain one of the following substances. Furthermore, the amount of the contaminant must exceed the MCL determined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bacterial Contamination

Your laboratory reports show a presence of E. coli, and you have proof of unsuccessful attempts to address the contamination through chlorination or other means.

PFAS Contamination

Your laboratory report shows PFAS at a level that is equal or greater than the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) groundwater standards.

Arsenic Contamination

Your laboratory report shows arsenic equal to or more than 10 ug/l (parts per billion).


Nitrate Contamination

Your laboratory report shows nitrates equal to or more than 10 parts per million.

Other Contaminants

Other contaminants may be eligible if an advisory from DHS indicates that the well should not be used for drinking water due to the presence of the contaminant.







Contact us for more information or to schedule a test. U.S, Water is a Wisconsin state-certified water testing laboratory. If you wish to learn more about the American Rescue Plan Act Well Grant Programs, you can view a recording of the November 2022 webinar explaining the programYou can also take an eligibility questionnaire to determine if you are eligible to apply for a Well Compensation Grant.