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6 Laundry Mistakes You Might Not Know You’re Making

6 Laundry Mistakes You Might Not Know You’re Making

Avoiding these rookie mistakes can keep clothes looking new and extend the life of your appliances

I’d always thought laundry was a pretty straight-forward, goof-proof chore. After all, it’s really a two-step process – wash and dry, right? Okay, except for my … small … oversight last week – not checking pockets for lethal items like facial tissue and ballpoint pens.

But the situation got me thinking: What other laundry mistakes am I making? After doing a little research, it turns out there are quite a few things that I just didn’t know. Let’s take a look at some unsuspected errors and the solutions to keep your laundry routine spotless.

1. Overdoing the Detergent

Admit it; we often eyeball the detergent rather than measure it precisely. Unfortunately, this common practice can lead to a soap excess that not only stiffens clothes but also strains your washing machine. Ensure cleaner and softer laundry by accurately measuring detergent – one tablespoon per standard load is sufficient.

2. Neglecting Hard Water

Ever wondered if your home has hard water? Test for it. Untreated hard water can leave mineral deposits on clothes, dulling colors and affecting fabric quality. Beyond laundry, it also takes a toll on appliances. The minerals in hard water build up, causing scaling on your pipes and making your appliances work a lot harder and less efficiently.

As Kevin Marshall, General Manager of U.S. Water, emphasizes, “Homeowners can—and should—take preventative measures by using a water softener to preserve their belongings.” This not only safeguards your clothes but also enhances the efficiency and durability of your laundry appliances.

3. Beware of Dryer Sheets

While dryer sheets may soften clothes, they leave a waxy buildup on the lint screen, posing fire hazards. Instead, opt for chemical-free alternatives like dryer wools or balls to reduce drying time and avoid compromising your dryer’s efficiency.

4. Handle Elastic Bands with Care

High heat in dryers can damage elastic bands, causing them to melt or become brittle. Preserve the elasticity of your garments by air-drying items with elastic bands or using a low-temperature setting in the dryer.

5. Mind Your Zippers and Velcro

Avoid snagging mishaps by securing zippers and Velcro closures before tossing clothes in the laundry. This simple step prevents damage to both your clothes and the washing machine.

6. Color Catchers for Mixed Loads

Ditching the sorting habit doesn’t mean overlooking precautions. When washing whites and colors together, use cold water and include color catchers in each load. The sheet will capture any dye that comes off your clothing, preventing it from staining other pieces. These affordable sheets absorb stray dyes, protecting your clothes from potential staining.

By steering clear of these common laundry pitfalls, you’ll ensure your clothes stay clean, vibrant, and in top-notch condition. Upgrade your laundry routine for longer-lasting, fresher garments.

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